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This page contains support information for The Horus Heresy: Legions.

Frequently asked questions[edit | edit source]

How do I contact support?[edit | edit source]

Before contacting Support, please try to find an answer in this FAQ.

If you don’t find a solution, tap on the bubble button (or Contact Us button) in the top right corner of this screen to send a report.

Alternatively, you can email describing your issue. Please include your username.

We will aim to answer all queries within 24 hours during working days.

What are Tickets, Coins and Gems for?[edit | edit source]

Tickets, Coins and Gems are different currencies to buy content:

  • Tickets are used to participate in Events.
  • Coins are used to buy crates from the Shop.
  • Gems are used to buy cards and cosmetics from the Shop.

How do I earn Tickets?[edit | edit source]

You can earn tickets:

  • From Daily Mission crates.
  • From any crate with 2 stars (★★).
  • From any Golden crate.
  • Randomly, from any other reward crate.
  • Buying them as an In-App purchase in the Shop.

How do I earn Coins?[edit | edit source]

You earn Coins:

  • From reward crates.
  • Buying them as an In-App purchase in the Shop.

How do I earn Gems?[edit | edit source]

You earn Gems:

  • Every time you get duplicates from content you already own when opening crates. Rarer cards yield more gems.
  • As a potential reward from some crates.

How do I get new cards and cosmetics?[edit | edit source]

You may get new content:

  • Buying crates from the Shop using Coins.
  • Leveling up from playing ranked and event games.
  • Opening a free reward crate every few hours.
  • Completing the Daily Mission.
  • Playing Events for an individual reward at the end of every run.
  • Winning Event matches while being part of a Lodge to unlock a tiered reward when the Event ends.
  • Taking part in ranked games to get a reward crate at the end of every monthly season based on your final rating.
  • Unlocking achievements.
  • Keeping an eye on our social media for special promotions.

How do I complete daily missions?[edit | edit source]

The Daily Mission is completed by winning 5 ranked victories. It can be completed up to once per day, and after that you need to wait for it to become available again. A timer indicates how long it will take for your next daily mission to be available.

I received a card, but I can't see it in the Cards menu.[edit | edit source]

Your deck can only include cards from the same Legion as your warlord and from neutral factions (Imperial Army, Chaos and Mechanicum). Cards from other Legions won’t show when editing your deck, but you can still find them in the Collection. If you want to use your cards from other Legion, you need to create a new deck using a Warlord from that Legion.

How do I get new Warlords?[edit | edit source]

Warlords may appear in any crate containing cards. There are Rare, Epic, and Legendary Warlords. They have the same chances of appearing in crates as any other cards of the same rarity. Sometimes a Warlord will be up for sale in the Shop.

I have received a new Warlord. How do I use it?[edit | edit source]

To use your new Warlord, you need to create a new deck. Go to the Cards menu, tap on 'Change deck', then 'New deck'. You will see a list with all Warlords you own. Choose your preferred one, then tap 'Select', choose the cards for the deck, and you are ready for battle.

What do card rarity colours mean?[edit | edit source]

Rarities affect the likelihood of a card or cosmetic appearing in crates. The rarity colours are:

  • No colour: Common.
  • Green: Rare.
  • Orange: Epic.
  • Golden: Legendary.

You can add up to 2 copies of Common, Rare and Epic cards to your deck, but just 1 copy of Legendary cards.

Where can I see my progress and edit my profile?[edit | edit source]

You can see your progress and edit your profile from the profile menu. To access it, tap on your badge or username, located in the top left corner of many menus.

In the profile menu you and other player can see:

  • Your username: this is what other players see when they interact with you. Lodge invites should be sent to this username.
  • Your current Lodge, if you’re part of one, and its badge.
  • Rating: your Ranked score. This goes up or down as you play Ranked games from the Battle screen.
  • Wins: the sum of Battle and Event wins.
  • Experience: total Experience points.
  • Legendary Points: All the excess rating over 2500 accumulated at the end of each Ranked Season.
  • Achievements: The lower icons represent your progress through different achievements. Tap on any to see what you need to do to complete them. Completing tiers of achievements rewards you with free crates.
  • Your banner: Tap the [Edit icon] under your banner to edit your badge and Warcry.
  • Your equipped card back: Tap the [Edit icon] under your card back to change it.

What kinds of crates are in the game?[edit | edit source]

There are two types of crates:

  • Shop Crates have two variants: card crates and cosmetic crates. They are available at the Shop and can be bought with Coins.
  • Reward crates refer to any crate that is not purchased in the Shop. There are many types with different value and contents.
  • The base value of a reward crate is colour coded as follows: Grey < Blue < Green < Red < Golden.
  • Each reward crate can have from 0 to 3 stars (★★★), with 3 stars giving the best value.

Some additional crate types may appear on special occasions.

I found an unbalanced card[edit | edit source]

If you want to get involved in the community to discuss balance changes, you may follow us on social media:

How can I play on a second device with my account?[edit | edit source]

To use your account on several devices, you need to register it first. Go to Settings ➞ Register, and enter an email and password. After that you can login from any device through Settings ➞ Switch Account. If it's before the tutorial, go to Settings ➞ Login.